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Rotary Club of Chicagoland Korean Northbrook (RCCKN) is a Rotary Club in District 6440, the home district of Rotary International (RI) and the only Korean (one of 8 official languages of RI) speaking bi-lingual Rotary Club east of Mississippi in the U.S.A. The Club actively participates in numerous service projects, local and international, and provides support and funding for RI projects like "End Polio Now." 

Brief History of the Club

In 2008, thanks to the hardworking organizers such as Dr. Sung Wun Kim and Mr. Won Yoon, the Club was born. Mr. Dong Kurn Lee, Chair of the Rotary Foundation 2013-14, Past RI President and an honorary member of RCCKN and his friend, Dr. Byoung I. Suh, Founder of BISCO, provided much needed encouragement for the effort. Many business/community leaders and professionals from Chicagoland Korean-American community joined as charter members with enthusiasm and for the good cause.
The following Rotarians have served as presidents of the Club:
. President, 2008-09 Dr. Sung Wun Kim
. President, 2009-10 Mr. Won Yoon
. President, 2010-11 Dr. Byoung In Suh
. President, 2011-12 Mr. Paul ByungTag Kim
. President, 2012-13 Jane Park, Esq.
. President, 2013- 14 Mr. James K. Hahn
. President, 2014-15 Dr. Hyun Oh
. President, 2015-16 Dr. John Kim

. President, 2016-17 Ms. Julie Eunju Choi

. President, 2017-2018 Mr. Sung Ki Lim
. President, 2018-2019 Mr. Pyong Soon Kim
. President, 2019-2020 Mr. Justin Lee
. President, 2020-2021 Dr. Byoung In Suh
. President, 2021-2022 Mr. Sung Bae Park 
. President, 2022-2023 Dr. Sunju Choi Chong
. President, 2023-2024 Dr. John Kim