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To my honored members and guests, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your visit our website here. We are very excited about celebrating the 10th anniversary of Korean Rotary Club of Chicago, as we renew our mission together. I feel personally honored to serve this club as its 10th president.

As we know, our history of 10 years is relatively short, compared to our national organization which is more than a century old (112 yrs to be exact). But our young age has encouraged all of us, including our 9 preceding presidents and members to expand our services within the Korean community and beyond even more proactively and consistently. We have become a very visible service organization locally. Our effort to collaborate with the Rotary local District 6440, in pursuing and honoring the Rotary spirit of encouraging and fostering the ideal of ceaseless service for humanity, has been successful. We may all take pride in this.

As your elected president, may I suggest the following service projects for the annual term beginning July 1, 2017.

First, we would like to emphasize our Korean-ness through more intentional involvement and collaboration with the Chicago areas’ Korean community.

Secondly, those well-performing current projects will be further strengthened and improved through clear review process to see if the initial ideals and motivations are still intact.

Thirdly, we will share a close connectional spirit with the Rotary International and other clubs within our district, which may enable us to participate in certain global service projects.

Though we all know that all the above may be nothing new at all, I want to share my hope and determination to take part in the succession of our past services and my confidence in our work together to pursue our Rotary spirit.

I do believe that serving others generates extreme joy and meaningfulness in one’s life. Thank you again for your trust and support in our venture!


Sung Lim