Following is a greeting message from President, Sung Wun Kim:

(The picture is of President and his wife taken at recent Portugal Spain trip)


Dear Members of Chicagoland Korean Rotary Club:

An anniverary is approaching since our Chicagoland Korean Rotary Club was launched. With assistance from every members, our club has established and functioned as one of important clubs in the international arena. On January 29, when International Rotary Club commemorated "Korean Day", our club was able to donate $10,000.00 to the Rotary Foundation for the polio-elimination effort(End Polio Now Project). This is the result that every member has participated with whole-heartedly. To me each and every member of our club is precious and indispensable. I believe that everyone is loyal and trust-worthy member to the International Rotary Club. I express a sincere thanks to the President of International Rotary Club, Dong Kun Lee, District #6440 Governor, and Staff Members for their invaluable help. I also thank Jae Ro, who is working for our website. I hope that God bless all the family of our members and our Rotary Club.

President of Chicagoland Korean Rotary Club, Sung Wun Kim