Thirty plus Chicagoland Korean Rotarians and guests gathered at Irae60 Sushi Restaurant at Vernon Hill. It began with brief introduction speech and toast by President, Suh ByoungIn. After a great Sushi dinner, there was anniversary cake cutting. Everyone, who attended, seemed to have a great time.



Since Chicagoland Rotary Club launched three years ago, many events and accomplishment took place, while slowly building and hardening the foundation. There have been some achievements to name a few: hosting students from Pusan for stewardship, supporting and providing water filtering eqipment in Dominican Republic, suppoting and participating in polio eradication campaign in India and participation of Paul Harris Fellowship by huge numbers of rotarians, etc.

Chicagoland Rotary Club is definitely on the right track, promising great success in the future under the leadership of president, Suh ByoungIn and followed by President Elect, Kim ByungTag.