Rotary Club of Chicagoland Korean - Northbrook


 장학생 선발 공고
By Rotary Club Scholarship Committee

시카고  한인 로타리 클럽에서는 현재 시카고 인근에 위치한 각 고등학교에 재학중인 11학년/ 12학년 한국 학생들 중에서 아래와 같이 우수한 장학생을 모집합니다.
장학금 지원에는 다음과 같은 서류가 필요합니다.
.  지원 서류 (Scholarship Application)
.  Essay in English ( - 400 word): 제목은 자유로이 선택하되, 주제는 사회 봉사 경험과 연관된
   에세이를 작성하기를 권고합니다.
.  고등학교 성적표
.  SAT or ACT score (copies are acceptable, but must be able to product the original if asked at a later
.  사회 봉사 경력, 날짜, 단체 이름, 사회 봉사 기간.
지원자들은 장학 위원회의 심사를 거쳐 11월 초에 수상 여부를 연락받으며, 시상식은 그 후
12월 Chicagoland Korean Rotary Club 연말 파티에서 거행하게 됩니다.
지원 서류는 www.chicagolandkoreanrotaryclub.org 에서 받을 수 있습니다.
질문이나, 그 외의 사항은 아래와 같이 연락바랍니다.

  1. Dr. John Kim / Unidex Group, Inc.

            Tel: 630-438-6600, E-mail: johnkim@unidexgroup.com  

  1. Mr. James Hahn

Tel: 847-858-7556, E-mail: jimkhahn@gmail.com


wh-4p-gdScholarship Application

 Rotary Club of Chicagoland Korean - Northbrook


Name   (English) ________________________________          Gender ____________________________

              (Korean if any) _________________________________________________________________         

Address _____________________________________________________________________________


Home Phone Number__________________________________________________________________

E-mail Address     _____________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth _________________________                    Place of Birth __________________________

                                                                                                   Citizenship (optional) _____________________

Education (List all high schools attended)

Name                                                          Location (city & state)                                                              Years Attended




***GPA Score _________________________________ (attach academic transcript)

***SAT/ACT Information (attached a copy of official scores)

                                                                       Composite Score                                    Year

                       ACT                                       ___________________                                      _________________

                       SAT                                        ____________________                                   _________________


***Essay (Double-spaced, approximately 400 words in length) describe your community service experiences and the impact it has had on your personal development

***Please also list your volunteer / community service roles, dates of involvement, organization name, and location. 

The information submitted on this form is correct to the best of my knowledge.  If any information in this application is found to be incorrect, I understand that my scholarship can be revoked.


Date  ____________________________                                   Signature of Applicant _________________________

Parent Name _____________________                      Signature of Parent/Guardian ____________________


Mail or email (with high school transcript and ACT/SAT scores as attachments) this application to the following address:

Dr. John Kim / Unidex Group, Inc.

1601 Glenlake Ave, Itasca, IL 60143, E-mail: johnkim@unidexgroup.com

For any questions, call 630-438-6600