On June 24, 2011,the  inauguration ceremony of new Chicagoland Korean Rotary Club took place in conjunction with the inauguration of District President. Paul Byung Tag Kim tookover the duty of presidency of Chicagoland Korean Rotary Club while Mr. Frum tookover the presidency duty of District. The inauguration ceremony was held in Northbrook Hilton Hotel master ceremonied by our rotarian Jane Park. After ceremony, entertainment program including Korean traditional folk dance followed.





MC Jane Park

Master of ceremony, Jane Park 


District & Chicagoland Korean Rotary Club President , Mr. Frum & Paul Byung Tag Kim



President, Kim, Byungtag & wife 2

President, Paul Byung Tag Kim and Wife 


President, Mr. Frum & wife

District President Mr. Frum and Wife 


Rotarians and wives


Guests & wives


Guests & wives 2


Guests & wives 3