May! The word of May alone may make us excited. May is the month of family, while we celebrate Mother's day, graduation, wedding, etc. along with spring festivity.

Members of Chicagoland Korean Rotary Club, how have you been? It seems many months have passed away since I went to Portugal and Spain for a tour with President, Sung Wun Kim and some other members. In fact it was only 10 days. We spent a wonderful time over there while enjoying beautiful sceneries and unforgetful historical as well as cultural experiences. I intend to talk about the trip more later on.


As soon as I came back, I checked my backyard garden to see how it has changed. Most of glorious Daffodils have withered away only showing a few remaining flowers while Service Berries are in full bloom. Crab Apples, Siberian Iris and Bleeding Heart also have bloomed. Magnolia began to show blush pink buds expressing a sourthernly warm feeling.

I wish all members to have a wonderful spring time and happiness in the famiy.

April and Earth Day have passed but it does not mean that we do not have to do anything about earth and environment. Think about what we can do for the Earth and our environment. Be conscious on our environment always and do somthing beneficial to our environment for example recycling, reusing, preventing pollution, avoiding to use products from deforestation of "Rain Forest" such as Mahogany lumber products, etc.

Please take a look on the video clip which Prince Charles speaks about "Rain Forest", which is our greatest nature and has impact on each and every human on the Earth.

Nature is most precious to us, which everybody can enjoy and cherish. REMEMBER, We have to conserve nature to enjoy it.

Jae Ro