This is the third poem on spring, which is titled "Sea of Golden Daffodils" and written by Jae Ro

Sea of Golden Daffodils

While driving through
The west side field of Morton Arboretum in Lisle Illinois,
On a fine day of April
Suddenly I was halted by a view of sea,
The sea of golden daffodils.
An endless field of golden daffodils
Spreading all over
In front of me,
That make gentle golden waves,
To easterly winds.

Once bare trees scattered
A deserted lonely field covered with snow
Turns to a sea of spring wonder,
The sea of golden daffodils.

Amused, exhilarated
In the midst of ecstasy
My mundane restless mind,
Roam around aimlessly
Browsing the field of golden daffodils,
That suddenly becomes clear as a blue sky.
Nothing is between the field of golden daffodils and me.
Everything in my mind is in halt
At the sight of the field of golden daffodils.

Jae Ro