How are you, all members of Chicagoland Korean Rotary Club?


It has been hot sultry days so everyone must feel uncomfortable. However I am sure everyone is doing ok.


I have been asked to take reponsibility to manage website. I'll do my best to make the website better and useful, though it is useless unless members use it. Please visit as often as possible. In the future, I'll give some sessions to all so everyone can get used to and accustomed to it


Ill be leaving for European tour around Baltic Sea on Sunday so I'll miss two weekly meetings and all of you. I hope everyone have nice time until I see you again!


The following is the youtube website where you can get USA National Anthem. By clicking it, you can have vocal and lyric of National Anthem.




Jae Ro


ps: Apparently there is some problem in the program as to filtering images so it appears somewhat fuzzy. I am working on to make them appear clear.